Sharon’s story

It all started when I was around 8 years old. My mother and her friend spent many hours designing and sewing figure skating costumes for our annual skating carnival. I was encouraged to help with cutting and assembling in our costume workroom and did this for many years. Skating in costume gave all of us a sense of enchantment and being one of those who helped make those costumes encouraged me to pursue needle arts. I took sewing classes and when I was a teen I would buy the latest pattern and create an article of clothing with my personal touch added to it.

My first sewing machine was bought for me by my fiancé (who is now my husband of 40 odd years). I wanted to make an elegant wedding dress and so, for my birthday, he showed up with the exact machine I had shown him many times over. The dress took no time at all to make, the embellishments took forever.

When I had children I would sew blankets, sleepers and other clothing items as well as draperies and decor items. I began to take more classes in heirloom sewing, quilting, apparel design, pattern making/tailoring, embroidery and smocking. I started designing and making bags, jewellery purses, Christmas ornaments, hand smocked and hand beaded and hand embroidered baby items including some very elaborate christening gowns. I thoroughly enjoy the creative design process, deciding and sourcing the most appropriate fabrics and embellishments and of course, the actual construction which is done methodically, precisely and purposefully. 

Once I was blessed with grandchildren I made those beautiful babies some of my most adoring outfits and blankets. And with babies come more babies and more mothers who just love the idea of something original for their own. I continued making christening outfits, blankets, adorable girl’s dresses, pillows and even started designing and sewing dressing gowns for those new moms who got up at night for their baby. I found great pleasure in giving those gifts, as they were always received with a tear in the eye and a genuine hug of gratitude that you knew was coming from the heart.

Now I’m here. Starting my online business ‘Bespoke Originals’. My boutique line of original and fashionable gifts (either for ones you love or for yourself) is by far the most beautifully elegant fine sewing that you will ever have an opportunity to own. Every item is made from the finest of materials, sourced from Canada, Australia, Italy, England and France. All embellishments are sewn by hand and each very functional item is labeled as an original.


Jackie M. 

My sweetbag is exquisite in every-way.  Care and attention has been paid to both the historical accuracy of such accessories but equally to the fine and detailed embroidery. The thread is of the highest quality and the workmanship is impeccable.  I could not be happier with it.  

Madeleine M. 

When I was just a little girl my aunt gave me a dress and matching bolero styled jacket made by Bespoke Originals. It fell beautifully and was an absolute pleasure to wear.  My only regret was that I grew out of it too quickly.  

Krissy H.

The owner of Bespoke Originals is truly knowledgeable in designing clothing to suit your style. Sharon has done an amazing job creating beautiful outfits for my children over the years.

Denise L.

Sharon is a true professional in every sense of the word, in her work environment and in her leisure.