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Jackie M. 

My sweetbag is exquisite in every-way.  Care and attention has been paid to both the historical accuracy of such accessories but equally to the fine and detailed embroidery. The thread is of the highest quality and the workmanship is impeccable.  I could not be happier with it.  

Madeleine M. 

When I was just a little girl my aunt gave me a dress and matching bolero styled jacket made by Bespoke Originals. It fell beautifully and was an absolute pleasure to wear.  My only regret was that I grew out of it too quickly.  

Krissy H.

The owner of Bespoke Originals is truly knowledgeable in designing clothing to suit your style. Sharon has done an amazing job creating beautiful outfits for my children over the years.

Denise L.

Sharon is a true professional in every sense of the word, in her work environment and in her leisure.